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Top Best Places to Visit in Senegal

Senegal, a country in West Africa, is one of the top five best places in the continent that can be visited in a travel tourism expedition. The nation is home to various people and cultures that make visiting unique and exciting. It has historical sites still standing today, state of the art landmarks and monuments, as well as modern museums where you can learn about African art history or listen to traditional music from its neighbors.

Here are the top best places to visit in your next tourism adventure.

Natural Reserve of Bandia

The Natural Reserve of Bandia is one of Senegal’s top best places to visit. The reserve lies adjacent to a National Park in Diourbel. The park encompasses 133 hectares of rich forests and waterfalls surrounded by savannah grassland. The nature reserve is a home for about 3,600 plant species which 12 are threatened with extinction.

The Senegalese Village in Thies

The Senegalese Village in Thies is one of the country’s top best places to visit. It is located extremely close to the capital city of Senegal. The town has maintained its old traditional architectural style and has become a tourist attraction for visitors from across the world.

The entry fee to this village is reasonable per person. Local artisan products are also available at reasonable prices, which can be bought and taken home.

The Casamance National Park

The Casamance National Park is one of Senegal’s top best places to visit. The park is poorly known among most people in the country because it is a new park. The park was created to protect and conserve animals like antelopes, gorillas, monkeys, elephants, lions, and many more.

Gorée island

Gorée Island is one of the top best places to visit in the country. The tiny landmass located just 5 kilometers off the coast of the mainland has a historical past that dates back to the 16th century when it was used as a trading port for the Europeans and Western Africans.

The island is a tiny island with only about 4 kilometers of land. The island has now been converted into a historical/educational site, and they also have a small beach resort that recently opened.

The Gorée Island Museum allows you to learn all about how Africans were brought to different destinations under horrifying conditions. You can also get a first-hand account of how innocent people were transported throughout the world on ships as enslaved laborers and how the slave trade affected Africa in general.

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